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» Harley
Blue Tick Coon Hound Dog Harley
    Sex: Male
    Age: 2
    Size: Large
    Special Needs: No
    Child Safe: Yes
    Adoption Fee: $0.00
    Location: Katy, Texas
More About Harley
Harley is a beautiful, energetic dog in need of a new home. He likes to run and chase, but can also be very loving and cuddly.
Experience taught us that confined spaces (small backyard), not enough exercise, and shortage of time and attention will eventually stress and frustrate Harley.
My wish for Harley is to find him a new owner who is firm without being mean and who has experience, patience and time. I would like for Harley's new home to be in a county setting with lots of space to run, explore and maybe even chase a squirrel. It would be great if Harley could have something to do to keep him busy and give him satisfaction. Harley is a fabulous dog and will be sorely missed by us. It was painful to admit that a loving home is not always enough and that we cannot provide an adequate and fostering environment for him.

Blue Tick Coon Hound Dog Harley 2
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